Youth Scholarship

Ascension Athletics believes our youth are one of the most important investments we can make. We believe providing children with opportunities to maximize their potential is one of our duties as a local business. Our scholarship packages have incentive programs built into them that will reward community engagement such as volunteer work and academic achievement such as honor roll. Incentive programs may include free New England based MMA events, BJJ tournaments, wrestling camps, MMA seminars, and more. Students are chosen through the recommendation of the Bristol school system, Boys & Girls staff, community leaders, community providers, and community programs. 


Police Training

Ascension Athletics will not only give a 10% discount to local police, we will also provide free hand-to-hand combat training sessions twice a month. This program will focus on combative techniques that provide our local police departments with the appropriate tools to safely prevent and/or terminate hand-to-hand engagements while reducing injury for acting officers and civilians.